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Barbara Zucchi
Artist/Writer for Chapter 8

Barbara Zucchi is an Italian designer, scriptwriter and a comic-strip artist.

She has been recently invited to join the '2007 Cowparade', held in Milan, where she partecipated with 'a fashion cow' made of feathers material she find herself at ease to work with. Her cow named 'La mucca è mobile qual piuma al vento', title taken from the most notorious Giuseppe Verdi's Opera 'Rigoletto', was commissioned by Radio Montecarlo.

As for what concerning shoes-designing she has drawned a collection for another Verdi's Opera 'Il Trovatore', revised in fantasy-comic-style key; this Opera is waiting to debut any time 2008.

Bitterjo / Joa
--------------------------------------- COMING IN LATER CHAPTERS --------------------------------------

, or Joa, loves nothing more than to eat and draw her days away. She is a strong believer in junk food and can only function well when there are chips by her desk when she works. Even when Joa took part in AdAsia'05's Pens & Pixels and Schwan Stabilo's illustration exhibition, she was often seen munching on snacks while mingling amongst artworks.

This designer / illustrator is currently working in a ad agency and doing all her cartoon-watching and manga-reading at night. Because Joa is ultimately a kid at heart, and there is nothing like a good episode of cartoon (and chips, of course) to get the creative juices flowing. Her works are housed at and

Christian Koherr
Artist for Chapter 5

Christian Korherr is an Austrian graphic designer who has been working in the field of music and culture for more than 10 years.

Aside from his usual forays in freelance, he is also into organising the Austrian Flipbook Festival, spraying stencil portraits for certain people and hitting the streets when it feels right.

He's never done a comic strip before.

Norbert Tomasi
Writer for Chapter 5

Norbert Tomasi is an Austrian creative-director, artist, filmmaker and poet who has been working in the field of culture and communication for more than 15 years. He is always interested in things which are "cutting the clutter”.

At the the end for him - everything is text, no matter if it's a picture, a film or some other piece of work.

Dopepope / Joe Lucchese
--------------------------------------- COMING IN LATER CHAPTERS --------------------------------------
Joe Lucchese, also known as Dopepope or dp, is a New York based artist specialising in bizarre character design and his own brand of illustrative graphics he calls 'Experimental Aesthetics'.

An illustrator since childhood, he swerved his talents into the world of digital photo-retouching and effects, as well as graphic design. Dopepope lends his fantastic imagery to magazines, record companies, collaborations, and gallery shows as often as possible. He recently began the Metal Man Project, a collaboration of artists world wide creating images utilizing the face and logo of a robot he drew when he was 10.

Dopepope recently released his first book "Dopepope: experimental aesthetics", showcasing the 'Advanced Bitch Killer' series, including all new works of bizzare creatures and otherworldly imagery. Dopepope's works can be viewed on his website and deviantART.
Gavin Mouldey
--------------------------------------- COMING IN LATER CHAPTERS --------------------------------------

Gavin Mouldey
is from New Zealand, currently living in the UK, and self employed as a freelance illustrator.
Jacob Mallach
Artist for Chapter 7

Jacob Mallach broods over his illustration work in a small studio in Seattle, WA. Originally born and raised in Madison, WI. a frosty land of ice and snow. After many years cursing the brashly cold weather he made the decision to move west. Now he frolics a much warmer style.

In between a 9 to 5 and sleep he is usually drawing, self destructing, or walking his dog through the streets of the Pacific Northwest. Jacob earned his undergraduate degree in illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He currently works as a Pre-Production tech in downtown Seattle.

C. Edward Klink
Writer for Chapter 7

Like 1.5 million other people, Chuck Edward Klink is an aspiring writer in pursuit of a publisher for his recently completed first novel.

He spends his days striving for world domination, while evenings are devoted to enthusiastic procrastination. He enjoys a cold beer, adult kickball leagues, monkeys dressed in business suits, the artistic visions of Frank Miller, James Cameron, and Rob Zombie, the lyrical melodies of Maynard James Keenan, and the creative influences of his former roommate, Jacob Mallach.

James Tan
Artist/Writer for Chapter 6

James Tan is interested in drawing, especially in the pusuit of lines. He likes to sit in trains and draws people. His vast accumulation of more than 2000 pages of sketches can be seen in his blog - 720 days in Japan.

James spent his past 2 years in Tokyo, working as a mobile game designer, pushing pixel art. He hopes to be able to draw full time one day.
James Reed
Artist/Writer for Chapter 13

James Reed (RustyAce) hails from the the South East of the US.

A young motion designer / illustrator, with a degree in graphic design. Reinforced by a solid background in photography and creative writing. Currently he works for a post-production house, aiding in the creation of graphics for Speed Network and other clients.
Jessica Eriksson
Artist/Writer for Chapter 9

Blessed with a very vivid imagination, a creative mind and resourceful fingers, Jessica Erikkson have made arty things since she was little.

Currently living in Stockholm, Sweden, Jessica is working as a freelance illustrator and artist. Her work is among other things suitable for children's books or adult's, CD-covers, postcards, posters, business cards, or simply on your wall.

Jessica work mostly in mixed media, counting photography, oil, watercolours, pen and ink, collage, Photoshop, pastels, graphite, charcoal, assemblage and much, much more.

Josef Lee
Creator of 'Mann' | Artist/Writer for Chapter 1, 3

Josef Lee is a designer/compositor/illustrator from Singapore. His collection of commercial and personal works can be viewed on Josef day-job as a broadcast designer, creating motion graphics for channel branding and program promos for various TV networks.

An avid lover of fairy tales and fables, Josef illustrates and writes his own short stories under the label of The Museum of Modern Fiction. He is the creator of The Life Of Mann, and also the co-founder of, an online news portal for artists and drawings in Asia.

Josef can be contacted at
Artist/Writer for Chapter 2

JunMing is a Singapore cartoonist whose single-panel comics have graced the pages of numerous local papers. JunMing was the creator of several weekly comic columns tackling various themes. His most ambitious concept was when he attempted the ‘done to death’ theme of ‘Deserted Island’ for one of his column. For that, JunMing managed to come up with more than 50 unique ideas over the course of a year during the running of the column.

JunMing shares his inspirations and creative thought processes in his personal blog - Mingapore. His influences include great artists like Gary Larson, Sempe, Quino and Will Eisner. JunMing also co-founded, an online news portal for artists and drawings in Asia.
Artist/Writer for Chapter 12

Kenfoo is a comic artist whose daydream is to be a comic artist.

Whether or not he is really one, his only proof is by an adamant claim of aggression. As if his existence is not already a complete waste of the earth's oxygen, he provides further less by contributing nothing to society. In short, he's a scum of the planet. He doesn't work. He doesn't pay taxes. He doesn't even change his underwear for days.

Why in God's name is he even a contributor to this project is a baffling question to itself. A sad human being by sad human sub-standards.

Quote by Kenfoo: 'Before me lies only what I must do with the talent given to me before I die. Nothing else matters.'
Kunal Kundu
Artist/Writer for Chapter 4

The year, 1995. In a hot sweltering classroom in a nondescript corner of south Kolkata a rare event is to occur. A seldom-noticed species (so seldom, that its existence is disputed), the creative bug, bit a relatively unassuming student of English Literature.

He has made short films for “Galli Galli Sim Sim”, the Indian leg of Sesame Street (currently being aired on Cartoon Network and Pogo). He has also made promos for a variety of channels, including Channel [V], MTV and the CNN-IBN Network. In his free time, he illustrates children’s book and maintains a blog.

Kunal Kundu has a special passion for stop-motion animation. Tim Burton and Nick Park are a constant source of inspiration for him… he doesn’t read much but he’s always ready for Tintin.

He has an eclectic choice in music. His I-tunes playlist includes Steely Dan, Wallflowers, The Who, Cliff Richard, Buddy Holly as well as Bengali Rabindrosangeet and old Bollywood classics by Kishor Kumar…..
He is a night creature - not out of choice, but out of habit… a very, very late riser… He is completely indifferent to the idea of being clean shaven!

Kunal is strictly non-vegetarian, much to the chagrin of SPCA and PETA members. The only creatures he feels generously disposed towards are his cichlids. Kunal lives in Delhi, in a former refugee colony.

Kunal thanks his stars that he was bitten by the bug but that doesn’t mean he’s let the bug off.

Priyankar Gupta
--------------------------------------- COMING IN LATER CHAPTERS --------------------------------------

By profession, Priyankar Gupta is a producer in MTV, India. Academically, he is an Animation Film designer...but he's an Artist by heart,a storyteller by mind and music and cinema are his passion.Cooking is his forte... he love people who trust him and he believe in them.

Illustration interests Priyankar a lot. He loves reading graphic novels and exploring different styles in his creation.

Romolo Eduardo
Artist/Writer for Chapter 10

Brazilian Graphic Designer, Romolo Eduardo D`Hipolito was born in 1983 and graduated in 2007 by the Catholic University, in Brazil. He started with graphic arts in 1999, making comics which were published on his zine. Studying graphic design, he adapted his comics on visual arts.

In 2003, he has his art influenced by a cultural student exchange to Japan by Okayama University of Science. As a cartoonist, he has participationed with selected and registered works in catalogs of collective humor exhibitions in Brazil and Portugal. In 2007, his third short-animation as director, Limbo, is prized in Animamundi 2007, the most important Latin American animation cinema festival.

Romolo developed his graphic material as illustrations, comics and animations for the editorial and advertising industry. He also likes to make handbooks of his trips.
Wolfgang Hauer
Artist for Chapter 11

Wolfgang Hauer is an illustrator in Linz/Austria.

He has named his one-man-studio "blickformat", which can be translated with "space for glance". He loves pictures that are causing attention for the subject.

Making comics is his favourite way to reflect on fears or hopes, on what is making angry or interested, to celebrate pleasures of life,... whatever it is concerning.

Caroline Hofer
Writer for Chapter 11

Caroline Hofer is a writer. Lives and works in Vienna/Austria.

She started to write radio-dramas by accident and does now several projects in the wide field of literature. Never ask her for a favor, she can't say no!


The Life Of Mann is a global collaboration in creative storytelling. Every 5 pages of the story will be attempted by a different artist/writer. There are no restrictions to the style of drawing, direction of story, or way of presentation. However, the story must CONTINUE. Characters can be included or excluded along the way, but the story must always revolve around the central character - Mann.


Email to volunteer as an artist/writer. Enquiries and feedbacks are most welcome.


> chapter 1 (pg 01 - 05)
by Josef Lee
> chapter 2 (pg 06 - 10)
by JunMing
> chapter 3 (pg 11 - 15)
by Josef Lee
> chapter 4 (pg 16 - 20)
by Kunal Kundu
> chapter 5 (pg 21 - 25)
by Christian Koherr +
Norbert Tomasi

> chapter 6 (pg 26 - 30)
by James Tan

> chapter 7 (pg 31 - 35)
by Jacob Mallach +
C. Edward Klink

> chapter 8 (pg 36 - 40)
by Barbara Zucchi

> chapter 9 (pg 41 - 45)
by Jessica Eriksson
> chapter 10 (pg 46 - 50)
by Romolo Eduardo
> chapter 11 (pg 51 - 55)
by Wolfgang Hauer +
Caroline Hofer

> chapter 12 (pg 56 - 60)
> chapter 13 (pg 61 - 65)
James Reed
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