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Riders On The Storm
  art by Jacob Mallach [ designer / illustrator ],
story by C. Edward Klink
[ writer / brazil-esque bureaucrat ]

Jacob Mallach
Brief Bio
Jacob Mallach broods over his illustration work in a small studio in Seattle, WA.

Originally born and raised in Madison, WI. a frosty land of ice and snow. After many years cursing the brashly cold weather he made the decision to move west. Now he frolics a much warmer style.

In between a 9 to 5 and sleep he is usually drawing, self destructing, or walking his dog through the streets of the Pacific Northwest. Jacob earned his undergraduate degree in illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He currently works as a Pre-Production tech in downtown Seattle.

C. Edward Klink
Brief Bio
Like 1.5 million other people, Chuck Edward Klink is an aspiring writer in pursuit of a
publisher for his recently completed first novel.

He spends his days striving for world domination, while evenings are devoted to enthusiastic procrastination. He enjoys a cold beer, adult kickball leagues, monkeys dressed in business suits, the artistic visions of Frank Miller, James Cameron, and Rob Zombie, the lyrical melodies of Maynard James Keenan, and the creative influences of his former roommate, Jacob Mallach.


The Life Of Mann is a global collaboration in creative storytelling. Every 5 pages of the story will be attempted by a different artist/writer. There are no restrictions to the style of drawing, direction of story, or way of presentation. However, the story must CONTINUE. Characters can be included or excluded along the way, but the story must always revolve around the central character - Mann.


Email to volunteer as an artist/writer. Enquiries and feedbacks are most welcome.


> chapter 1 (pg 01 - 05)
by Josef Lee
> chapter 2 (pg 06 - 10)
by JunMing
> chapter 3 (pg 11 - 15)
by Josef Lee
> chapter 4 (pg 16 - 20)
by Kunal Kundu
> chapter 5 (pg 21 - 25)
by Christian Koherr +
Norbert Tomasi

> chapter 6 (pg 26 - 30)
by James Tan

> chapter 7 (pg 31 - 35)
by Jacob Mallach +
C. Edward Klink

> chapter 8 (pg 36 - 40)
by Barbara Zucchi

> chapter 9 (pg 41 - 45)
by Jessica Eriksson
> chapter 10 (pg 46 - 50)
by Romolo Eduardo
> chapter 11 (pg 51 - 55)
by Wolfgang Hauer +
Caroline Hofer

> chapter 12 (pg 56 - 60)
> chapter 13 (pg 61 - 65)
James Reed
© josef lee 2008